Lessons in Sierra Nevada

At our school, we stand out for offering ski and snowboarding classes that combine an innovative methodology with maximum fun. We tailor our activities to each student, taking into account their age, level, and individual needs to ensure fast and enjoyable learning. Our main goal is for each student to make the most of their time in lessons.

In addition to focusing on teaching and improving skiing and snowboarding techniques, our mission is to provide our students with an unparalleled experience in Sierra Nevada. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring autonomy, learning, fun, and respect for the natural environment in which these exciting sports take place.

Students will be divided by levels and ages, as well as by sport modality. We group adults and children with different instructors to obtain the most personal learning.

Winter sports have great benefits to our health as well as our capacity for physical challenge, creating adrenaline filled memories and an unforgettable experience. For an unbeatable environment, in the outdoors come ski the Sierra Nevada with Snowmotion.

SNOWMOTION helps you practice the formula