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Equipment and material rental

If you are passionate about winter sports and have your own equipment, you can enjoy a wonderful day at the resort, but if you do not have the necessary equipment, Sierra Nevada has more than 30 different shops renting ski and snowboard equipment. That's why you may feel undecided about which store to choose. You can find well maintained rental equipment with constant wax treatment and sharpening of edges and other very old materials with obvious lack of a tune-up or directly their renewal.

Ski and snowboard equipment  rental in Sierra Nevada

What is the price of ski or snowboard equipment rental?

The price range is wide depending on the proximity of the store to the lifts, but the quality of materials and service are the factors that make the main difference in price. The price range, per day, is between 10 € and 50 €, depending on the quality of the material and the range of it.

There are several ranges of material (basic range, medium range and top range), which will be recommended depending on the level of skill of the client and the style they wish to practice.

The hardness of the materials, the weight, the type of construction, the turning radius or the date of manufacture, will determine the type of range of each ski or snowboard and consequently, its rental price.

In short, the service, maintenance, renovation, quality and care of the material make the difference between stores.

Days Skis, poles & boots (adult) Snowboard & boots (adult) Skis/snowboard & boots (children)
1 24 € 25 € 18 €
2 44 € 46 € 32 €
3 60 € 62 € 44 €
4 72 € 75 € 54 €
5 82 € 85 € 60 €
6 92 € 95 € 68 €
7 102 € 105 € 76 €

Do you need to rent equipment for your stay in Sierra Nevada?

Snowmotion as a Ski and Snow School and Sports Club collaborates with several shops to rent ski equipment (ski, boots and poles) and snowboard (board and boots) as well as the rental of additional equipment you need (trousers, jacket, glasses, helmet, etc)

We choose our collaborators taking into account their professional trajectory in the Sierra Nevada, work methodology, resources and capacity, the quality of the service and material they offer, making a commitment at all times to safe material and continuous maintenance to ensure the safety and positive experience of our students.

We also look out for our customers'; pockets by offering discounts at our partner ski and snowboard rental stores. Consult our rates for equipment rental.

Snowmotion students enjoy a 10% discount!

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